What is included in the cabins?

The Wolf and Bear Cabins are equipped with a full kitchen including a fridge, stove, oven, dishwasher, toaster, coffee maker, tea pot, pots and pans, there is also a BBQ, wood stove and fire pit. We also provide bedding, towels, plates, cutlery, glasses, cooking utensils and dish soap.   

The Eagle Cabin is equipped with a fridge, toaster oven, induction burner, toaster, microwave, coffee maker, tea pot, towels, plates, cutlery, glasses, pots, pans and BBQ. This cabin doesn't have running water, but it does include a sink with a water heater and pump.


What is Check in/out time?

Check-in: 3 pm -7pm.

Please let us know a couple days before arrival what time you plan to arrive. If you are unable to arrive during the check in window, please organize that with us before hand.

Please stop at our Check-in Office at the top of the hill on the left. There we will give you all the information you need and if you are staying in a cabin, this is where we will give you your Cabin Key, if you are staying in our RV Campground, we will direct you to your site.

Check-out: 11 am. Please leave the key(s) in the cabin.

The total for your accommodation will be charged upon departure along with any extras purchased.  If you wish to pay by another method, please come by the office between 4-5pm the day before departure to check out. Please ensure all dishes are clean, run the dishwasher if needed and empty the garbage’s.  


What is your minimum stays for cabins and Campsite?

Check out of Book Now Button for availalbe rates and our promotions page for long-term discounts.

Wolf and Bear Cabins have a 2 night minimum from September - June and a 3 night minimum for July and August.

Eagle Cabin always has a 2 night minimum.

Campsites can be booked for just 1 night, but there are incentives to stay longer.



Do you have gift certificates available? 

Certainly! If you're interested in acquiring an e-gift certificate, please reach out to us via email at info@kayanara.com. You can complete the purchase remotely, and we'll send you a payment link for your convenience. You don't have to be physically present at Kayanara; we can handle the entire process through email.

What is the difference between your rate prices?

The Standard Cabin Rate/ RV Campsite Rate serves as our foundational pricing during peak seasons and applies for two-night reservations in the cabins and 1-night stays for campsites whenever available. There is also a tent camping rate.

Additionally, the Cabin Rate offers a discounted pricing structure for bookings spanning 3 to 6 nights, specifically designed for the duration of our low season.

The Weekly Rate is applicable for reservations of 7 nights or longer, providing a cost-effective option for extended stays.

Similarly, the Monthly Rate is designed for bookings spanning 28 nights or more, offering an even more favorable pricing arrangement for extended and extended-term accommodations.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Normal Cancellation Policy Applies for everyone, no exceptions with the state of Covid 19 or road conditions. All bookings are subjected to normal cancellation fee, no exception for out of country or in Canada. These time are unsure and it is up to you to decide to travel or not and to know the expenses that come with it.

Our Cancellation Policies for direct and international bookings are as follows:                                                                      Any cancellations that are 60 days or more prior to arrival, the deposit will be refunded minus a processing fee of $50 for cabins or $25 for the RV campsite.

Cancellations within 60 days before the arrival,  no refund is issued. (we keep the 50% deposit we requested at booking). 

*** Your deposit is non-refundable at this point.***

Cancellations within 30 days before arrival: 100% charge.

Please remember, when you make a reservation, you are responsible for all days booked. We do NOT have a contract with mother nature. If there is a chance you might wish to cancel or leave early for any reason, please purchase travel insurance. As we do not refund early departures or if you are unable to make it.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

At booking, a deposit of 50% of the accommodation costs will be required.

How do I get to Kayanara?

We are located in Eagle Creek close to the north shore of Canim Lake, 35 minutes from 100 Mile House.

Our address is 3446 Hendrix Road, Eagle Creek, BC, V0K 1L0

Arriving by car from 100 Mile House:
800m north of 100 Mile House turn right onto Canim-Hendrix Lake Rd. Drive for 20kms.
Once you get to Forest Grove, turn right to stay on Canim-Hendrix Lake Rd. Drive for 25kms.
Turn left on to Hawkins Rd (right after Eagle Creek Bridge), 350meters later at the end of the road, turn left on to Hendrix road and Kayanara is on the right.

Arriving by car from Williams Lake:
Take HWY 97 S out of William Lake for almost 1 hour, then turn left onto Canim-Hendrix Lake Rd. Drive for 20kms.
Once you get to Forest Grove, turn right to stay on Canim-Hendrix Lake Rd. Drive for 25kms.
Turn left on to Hawkins Rd (right after Eagle Creek Bridge), 350meters later at the end of the road, turn left on to Hendrix road and Kayanara is on the right.

If you are traveling in the winter please ensure you have winter tires on your vehicle and a 4x4 or AWD. 

Please purchase travel insurance if you are at all worried of not being able to make your reservation. 

Do you have food service? Is there a restaurant near by?

At this time we are not providing food service, our cabins have full kitchens so you can comfortably make meals.

The Kayanara store/office has a selection of naturally raised meats, pastured raised farm fresh eggs, firewood, bug spray, handmade soap, artisan offerings and more for purchase. Ask about the availability of our garden vegetables and sourdough bread. We don't sell alcohol. Attractions.

The Dandelion Kitchen is a great little restaurant in Forest Grove, check out our Attraction's for information and location.


Where can I buy groceries?

The last possibility to buy most groceries is 100 Mile House. We don't supply meals.  We have a selection of meats in our freezer, pasture raised farm fresh eggs, bug spray, handmade soap and other artisan offerings for purchase in our store, but we don't sell alcohol.

There is a general store in Forest Grove that has a gas station.(20 minutes away) 

There is a general store on Canim Lake South Rd. (10 minutes away)

Is there internet and phone service?

Yes, all the cabins and campsites have WIFI.

We do not have cell service, but if you need to make an emergency call, we have a landline in the office.

Can I have a campfire? Can I bring a propane fire?

All cabins and campsites have a fire pit for your use. Firewood is provided with cabins, fire wood is $15 per load for the campsite. 

Bringing a propane fire that is CSA certified or BBQ is sometimes an option depending on the forest fire risk. Please call ahead.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not permitted in the Bear Cabin. 

We allow well trained pets in the Eagle Cabin, the Wolf Cabin and on our Campsites. Pets are an additional charge of $15/day for Cabins and $8/day in our Campsite. Reduced rates are available for longer stays. Please keep them on a leash at all times. Please clean up after them in all areas of the property. Pets harassing our livestock have to leave immediately. People sneaking pets in to cabins will be charged $500 per pet per night.


Are there bears and wild animals?

Even though we are in the woods, you can still be comfortable outside. There are no Grizzly bears in this area and in the  event that a black bear is nearby, it normally will run away because they want nothing to do with people. It is always important to practice smart wildlife habits like not putting garbage outside, and making a clapping noise if you are outside at night just to be on the safe side. On the other hand, it is very common to see birds, deer, squirrels, and even the odd rabbit, squirrel, or moose.  

Are daytime visitors allowed?

Daytime visitors are only allowed with permission from the hosts prior to their arrival.

If you just want to enjoy Kayanara's walking/hiking trails and good energy, please enquiry about a day pass.

What are the quiet hours? 

10:00pm to 8:00am is quiet time. During the day reasonable outside noise is fine but we ask that no music be played outside. There are no indoor quiet hours but please ensure that any noise is not heard outside.

What are the house rules?

All the detailed house rules can be found in our Terms & Conditions but here are some of the more common ones; No smoking indoors, no parties, no illegal activities, abide by quiet hours, speed limit on property is 15km/hr, daytime visitors are required to have permission from the hosts prior to arrival.

Where can I experience forest trails?

Kayanara has multi use trails for walking, hiking or forest bathing. The property also backs onto crown land that has many more trails to explore. Check out our Attractions page for ideas or click the link below.


How close is the Lake? How do I access the lake? Where are the closest beaches?

Canim Lake is just 500 meters from Kayanara and it is only a 5 minute drive to Canim Lake Provincial Park beach. It is stunningly clean and the water is great for swimming, floating, relaxing, kayaking, paddle boarding and boating. If you are looking for sandy shorelines, Ruth Lake Beach is a 25 minute drive away and has a covered area with picnic tables and fire pits. 

I am working in the area, can I stay at Kayanara?

We have many workers that stay with us to have the comforts of home. Please send us an email to inquire about rates and availability. 

Do you have drinkable water?

Yes. We are on a well that we get tested regularly and have had no problems. The water is a little high in sulfur and iron, which means it sometimes has a high mineral smell and taste. 

What happens if I try to sneak in additional guests?

Sneaking in additional guests will result in the credit card on file being charged $500 per guest per night.

Do you have a Forest Fire Policy?

If Kayanara is put on Evacuation Order during your reservation, we will refund your deposit minus a $50 booking fee. The fire cancellation policy only applies to reservations within 1 week of the start date of the order, not on evacuation notice. We will not refund a deposit for cancellations due to an order more than a week in advance. (ie, cancelling July 10 when we are under order, for a reservation in August, our regular policies apply). If you cancel because there is, or might be, smoke, bugs or bad weather, regular cancellation policies apply. We recommend reservations to guarantee your space. The safety of our guests is very important to us, our guarantee is that your space will be available, but we cannot control the weather or ensure air quality.
We will not refund a deposit if we are only put on Evacuation Alert.

What are the applicable taxes?

All prices are in Canadian Dollar, excluding tax and tips.

British Columbia has three taxes, the GST (Federal), the PST (Provincial) taxes and the MRDT (Tourism tax). In general, the GST is 5% and the PST is 7%. The cabins have 5% GST, 8% PST and 3% MRDT. The tax on the campground is only 5% GST. Kayak and canoe rentals have 5% GST and 7% PST added.  

Government taxes are subject to change.